Automating precise data acquisition and advanced analytics

Safe. Simple. Reliable.

We’re changing the game for industrial inspection data acquisition and analytics.

Many companies turn to robotics for precision industrial data acquisition and analytics. In-house development is costly, resource intensive and dependent on robotics expertise. Our solution makes this easy.

Ready-to-use from day one

Advanced robotic data acquisition and analytics capability that provides provide cost saving insights off-the-shelf without costly adaptation.

Multi-application and multi-sector

Engineered to meet requirements from warehousing and food production to chemical processing and nuclear decommissioning.

Safe and secure

Meets engineering and cybersecurity standards to achieve common industrial certifications, simplifying site-deployment.

Easy to setup, use and adapt

Operated through an intuitive app-based interfaced that is accessible to everyone and does not rely on robotics skills.

No need for in-house robotics skills. We make robotic precision accessible to everyone.

2D LiDAR Sensor. Capture the floorpan of the robots operating environment to assist autonomous navigation and densely map sensor data over it.

3D mapping camera. Acquire point cloud datasets to assist obstacle avoidance whilst digitising the robots operating environment structure.

Interface for any sensor. Industry standard interface for whatever data acquisition sensor the application requires.

Choose how you control. Acquire data by manually driving the robot around the survey area, setting up a path for it to follow or enabling autonomous exploration.

Complete protection. Protected to prevent ingress of dust and liquid from high-pressure jets, achieving the IP66 rating.

Wireless charging. Automated charging with minimal wiring requirements, for ease of installation and routine operation.

An intuitive interface for robot operation and dataset analytics.

Advanced Industry 4.0 technologies are made accessible to users through a modern tablet-based interface for robot setup, control and monitoring. A web-based analytics dashboard allows insights to be gained from the high-quality datasets acquired.